Pocket Monster (formally known as pokemon) is one of the most popular & nostalgic anime franchises for the 1990s generation. The Iconic anime provided us with the most popular mascot of all time, Pikachu and Ash Ketchum, who is the protagonist of the main series. The franchise started with 151 original pokemon in 1996, alongside its game, anime, and carte pokémon edicola collection for Trading Card Games(TCG). The company has expanded to 1000+ pocket monsters in 9 Generations and is seeking to increase this number even further with the upcoming generations in the future. Alongside anime expansion, they also released TCG Pokemon cards under the umbrella of different events and expansions. Other items like Pokemon plushies and games for their respective consoles have also been a great part of this growth of Pokemon. Due to their consistency, the franchise has had a huge fan following since day one and it's still growing with time. The TCG format got special attention from fans due to its unique gameplay and the possibilities it has. With time, as new mechanics are introduced in this format, a lot has changed. So, This Mini Guide will help you if you are new to the pokemon world, and will work as a revision for other players.


POKEMON TRADING CARD GAMES, popular as PTCG/ Pokemon TCG is a pokemon card collection game based on its anime. It was released in 1996 and gradually gained popularity across the globe. Right now millions of players are involved in this collection-based ecosystem of TCG. It is a 2 player game, consisting of 60 cards in each player’s deck. Each card in a deck possesses unique abilities, strengths, and drawbacks. Players have to carefully design their deck to win the match. 

The game starts by flipping a coin, to determine the turn for players. Then, it leads to the shuffling of the whole deck and taking 7 cards out of the deck. The top 6 would be placed in the prize card zone. The player who’s able to get his prize cards wins the game.

Other than this, there are a few standardized rules which need to be followed for a legitimate gameplay experience. 

  • Players can have 6 cards on hand at a time, but can only attack using one active pokemon card.
  • If players have no card left to attack the opponent, he/she loses the match.
  • Pokemon can evolve from basic to stage 1 and stage 2 respectively, when placed on respective cards. Keep in mind that the amount of energy it lost before evolving will remain depleted after the evolution of a particular pokemon.
  • Use any number of items, trainers, and abilities. ( Supporter and Stadium cards are excluded due to their one-time usage feature)
  • You can retreat a pokemon after paying its retreat cost.
  • You are not allowed to have more than 4 cards with the same name in your deck.
  • Players can apply different status conditions on other cards. ( including paralyzed, burned, confused, Asleep, and poisoned respectively).

Other than player vs player tournaments, fans are quite into collecting and completing different promotional and expansion packs based on their personal liking, unique abilities, and preferences. These cards based on their rarity and usage have extremely high value, even crossing several hundred dollars in some cases. The Pokemon community due to its versatility is constantly coming up with new decks, strategies, and gameplay tactics to win against their opponents.


Same as other pokemon collector items like lego pokemon leggendari items, plushes, etc,  Pokemon TCG cards are collector's items. Fans are building their collections based on their personal interests. There are 3 main types of pokemon cards collectors:-


The Pokemon franchise has one of the biggest fan following, a major part of which came from their TCG fan following. Due to its extremely competitive nature, TCG collectors are constantly adding new and useful rare cards in their decks to stay prepared for the versatile matchups they are going to face. 

  • ART FANs

The 2nd most famous Pokemon TCG card collectors are special art collectors. These fans are always after new and beautiful illustrations on different cards. Especially at different events, the franchise generally releases special edition artworks which are always loved by the fans.


The last famous card collectors of Pokemons are the money makers. Their sole interest is how much value a particular card holds. Normally, rare, full art, and legendary cards are on their top list. Also, special editions are one of the favorite cards they are always looking forward to grabbing. 


The most trusted way of buying Pokemon TCG cards is from their official online website. Other than that, some trusted sellers are Walmart, Target and GameStop, etc. Despite that, if you are looking anywhere else online, keep in check that the card packs you are receiving are not tempered. Also, try to avoid buying loose cards which might be a great way for scammers to fool people online. 


Pokemon TCG cards are always the favorite items for fans to collect. Storing famous cards without knowing why are you gathering them in the first place might not be the best option. Now as you are familiar with the whole TCG and what could be the purpose to collect carte pokemon prezzo edicola, is to decide what are you exactly looking for, then based on your budget and accessibility buy the cards you are looking for. Also, it is important to be aware yourself how to avoid potential scammers online. In short, with time and knowledge, collecting Pokemon TCG cards is a great hobby to have good leisure time for you.